THE Customer

A large Swiss insurance company

The company is one of Switzerland’s leading health insurers. Approximately 1.7 million people place their trust in this insurer.

The Challenge

Reduced online calculator abandonment

The company was using an online calculator to offer a way to calculate the cost of an insurance fee to potential new clients.

Online calculators are a great way to offer information to prospects while offering an opportunity to gather important information about potential customers for retargeting. 

The company’s calculator, however, had one main issue: the number of emails collected was simply not high enough.

The challenge was to ensure that people who start a calculation also finish it. 

One Inside helped the company get a complete overview of the usage of its calculator. Thanks to a thorough analysis of the data, we developed a new user experience.

Increased lead generation with an insurance fee calculator

The Solution

Capture and convert with modern UX

One Inside took a data-driven approach to develop a new user experience for the online calculator.

First, we had to understand why people were exiting the online calculator before completing it. In order to do this: 

  • Tracking of user behavior had to be enhanced. More data had to be collected about clicks, selected options and products
  • All the triggers, events and data had to be stored centrally in Adobe Analytics 

After only 3 weeks, an enhanced view of user behavior was delivered.

The second step was to analyse collected data and suggest improvements to the online calculator. 

It was decided to review the order of the process’ steps and adjust interface fields to solve this. Minor changes were then able to drastically improve the calculator’s performance. 

Finally, we ran A/B tests to validate our findings.

Adobe Target was introduced and enabled two versions of the calculator to run in parallel, each for a different audience segment.

The key metric to track was: ‘how many fee calculation processes are completed?

Finally after a few weeks of A/B tests, the result was compelling. A new calculator form was then released.

Now the insurance company can leverage the data collected to run additional retargeting campaigns and further enhance the tool to boost conversion.

The technology

Adobe Analytics Logo

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Target Logo

Adobe Target

Essential tools from Adobe Experience Cloud have been used:

  • Adobe Launch: to deploy and manage marketing tags on the Single Page Application
  • Adobe Analytics: container of all the data and key metrics
  • Adobe Target for testing and personalization practices

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