The Customer

One of Europe’s largest car manufacturers

The company sells automobiles and commercial vehicles as well as also luxury cars.

It is among the top 5 car manufacturers worldwide and employs more than 200’000 people.

The Challenge

Improve user experience

The main challenge was to break silos in order to deliver a seamless user experience with aligned messaging to end users.

Due to their operation model, the car manufacturer had developed organisational and technical silos preventing them from having a direct connection with the buyers of their vehicles.

Further challenges included:

  • Car dealers often being the only physical touchpoints with the end-users
  • All the data gathered on the digital front are stored in disparate databases and systems

The network of car dealers is vital to the overall success of the business. They are and will stay the ultimate channel to reach end-users. This had to be part of the solution we built.

One Inside helped the car manufacturer by developing digital and automated communication tools to help resellers develop customer loyalty  and execute after-sales actions.

The Solution

Additional turnover generated in after-sales

One Inside encouraged stakeholders to take the best technical approach and coordinate the implementation with its long standing partner Adobe.

The marketing automation solution had to allow integrations with third-party systems as well as be easy to understand by end-users within the marketing team. 

In order to design a great solution for the car manufacturer, One Inside followed the following steps:

  • Validation of the business goals and requirements
  • Analysis of the applications ecosystem and definition of the system’s interfaces
  • Sizing of the solution to determine the appropriate hardware and resources to implement and operate the service

The team of consultants and developers at One Inside worked closely with the customer and Adobe to:

  • Develop the interface and integrate third-party databases and services with Adobe Campaign
  • Configure the marketing automation and design the email templates
  • Enable car resellers to trigger dedicated campaigns for their client’ list

Thanks to this new solution, the car manufacturer improved with its dealer’s network.

Now they are able to target clients based on their recent purchases and automate and coordinate campaigns across several regions in Europe. The 5 million emails sent monthly helped increase the client loyalty and turnover.

Each client is now targeted with dedicated campaigns informing about the next offer or new cars available at their closest showroom.

The conversion rate increased, generating additional turnover for the company.

The Future

Maximising automation with real-time data

The future of marketing automation is about having a unified customer profile and information in real-time.

One Inside is developing some ideas and concepts for the car manufacturer in order to move in this direction:

  • Consolidation of all information repositories
  • Additional integrated services to deliver real-time information
  • Targeting clients by merging 1st and 3rd party data and acting on it in real-time

The Technology

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Adobe Campaign

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