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85% of your customer data is never used

Every year, companies are collecting more and more information about their customers – from their behaviors to their interaction with digital touchpoints.

But only a small portion of this powerful data is really used to drive conversion and optimise user journeys.

We want to enable you to make better use of your data. We ask relevant questions such as:

  • What could be improved in your analytics processes?
  • What are the key metrics you should consider?
  • How do you generate insights from your data?
  • How do you keep all the systems unified and get long-term benefits?

Our Service

Our services for data marketing

Our experts support you at every step of the analytics process:

  1. Audit your data and processes: Our team will spend some time with you to understand your current situation. How is the quality of your collected data and how do you process it?
  2. Define your KPI and analytics framework: What is your goal? Once we have figured this out we define the main metrics and KPI to track. These will improve over time.
  3. Design and configure the data collection solution: We use our knowledge to design a solution tailored to your needs that is seamlessly integrated with your current technology landscape.
  4. Monitor and Improve: Customer behaviors change over time. Constant monitoring is needed. New data collection points will be added over time to continuously capture relevant insights.
  5. Work with Data: Analyse your data to understand users, customers and traffic sources in order to optimise your website and traffic sources continuously.

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Analytics Tools

Our service

Works with the analytics tool of your choice

Over the last decade our data experts have worked with various technologies, from Adobe to AT Internet or Google Analytics. We can help you integrate with all of them and more.

Starting a new project?

Do you have questions about mobile applications and the integration in your digital marketing landscape? We’re here to help.