The customer

About Insights.MD

Insights.MD, a Swiss company located in Basel, creates an open medical community platform which serves healthcare professionals of various specialities, international medical foundations as well as its medical industry partners with targeted personalized knowledge, education, and communication services.

The challenge

Scaling up the development of a medical community platform

Insights.MD mission is to create an open medical community platform to provide healthcare professionals with personalized training and education services.

Technology plays a key role in this. Insights.MD needed a team of software engineers to support their in-house experts with the implementation of the solution.

To support the growth of the platform, building up a scalable team of experts quickly was key. 

Communication and collaboration, and being agile are essential for the success of the development team, especially when many members are working remotely.

One key requirement was that all members had to be in the same timezone.

Additional requirements were:

  • Each team member should be able to deliver the highest level of quality of code and be productive from the start
  • The team should already be familiar with the platform technology, JavaScript with Backbone.js
  • The team should be solely dedicated to Insights.MD for a longer period
  • Low costs

The solution

A dedicated remote team

At One Inside, our workforce is located in different offices across Europe. Our headquarter is in Liestal, Switzerland. We also have offices in Germany and North Macedonia.

In order to offer the best possible solution to Insights.MD, we built a team in one single location. We chose to build a dedicated team in our office in North Macedonia.

We had several reasons for this decision:

  • The fact that they all work in the same office is beneficial for the overall collaboration on the project
  • North Macedonia is in same time zone as Switzerland
  • Competitive pricing

We have a large team of 30+ talented and motivated employees in North Macedonia.

Their skill set spans over many aspects of modern web development, such as backend development with AEM or NodeJS and front-end development in Angular or React.

To build the team for Insights.MD, we assigned two of our best developers to fulfil the technical requirements. We also invested in the knowhow of Backbone.js, the actual platform that the client needed.

In addition, we assigned two testers to assure the quality of the produced software was immaculate.

Our team has worked for Insights.MD since 2017 in a SCRUM and agile way. Meanwhile, we increased the team by adding a UI/UX engineer. Going forward, we are defining together with the client, which additional profiles are required to solve the tasks.

Finally, we helped Insights.MD with the implementation of the platform, which resulted in rapid community growth. The client is delighted with our team and we’re proud to be part of their success story.

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