Conversational marketing and chatbot

Power up AEM with an AI Chatbot

You’re interested in a Chatbot module for AEM, we’ve built it.

AEM Chatbot Module in 3 minutes

In the video below, we explain how the AEM chatbot works and how you can train data and integrate it in your website.

AEM Chatbot module -create content

An easy way to edit conversation integrated in your website

WYSIWYG interface, drag-and-drop components, and reusable assets enable you to create meaningful conversations integrated in your website with Adobe Experience Manager.

Smart conversation powered by AI

Creating rules for all the different conversations, questions, and answers is not scalable. By integrating an enterprise machine learning solution, the chatbot will understand each conversation and learn from it. It only gets better!

AEM Chatbot module - training intent

Training data is part of your authoring flow

You don’t need to be a data scientist to train a chatbot. To simplify the workflow for content editors, unanswered questions and topics can easily be created by your team with AEM.

A multilingual chatbot for multiple sites

By leveraging AEM Multi Site Management, the chatbot can speak different languages and be part of your international strategy. New markets, no problem.

Book a demo

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