Conversational marketing and chatbot

Need (AI) Chatbot Consulting?

We advise you on how to make the best of your conversational channel

Looking to engage with your customers in a conversational way?

Leveraging conversational marketing is often a greenfield for many companies. Our experts can help you understand the usage of a chatbot and build a solid business case.

Understand chatbot technologies

AI, ML, NLP – behind these acronyms you find the technologies used by chatbots. We can support you with the integration of a state of the art bot framework and design a suitable solution for your needs.

Learn the core concepts to understand (chatbot) decisions

Conversations beyond text

The next level of conversational marketing uses speech. We support you in making the most of this new requirement, which is especially challenging in a multilingual country with several dialects.

We’ll help you find out if your business case benefits from speech input or output.

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