Hybrid mobile apps

The Ionic & Capacitor experts of Switzerland

Benefit from all the advantages of hybrid app development thanks to our many years of expertise.

Reduced costs thanks to hybrid app development

Web technologies are at the heart of One Inside, which is why we trust them in the area of mobile app development as well.

This not only enables the operation of the same app on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Web) by only one team, but also reduces the TCO (total costs of ownership) for your mobile app.


We are the Ionic Framework specialists in Switzerland

The Ionic Framework is an open source UI toolkit based on web technologies. It guarantees a native “look & feel” without having to deal with different operating systems and their corresponding programming languages and toolkits.

Our experts have been working with Ionic since its launch, and are happy to bring their experience to your new or existing app projects.


Use of native functionality

With Capacitor, Ionic provides the technology to run web-based apps on Android, iOS and even desktop computers.

Since Capacitor is on its way to replace Cordova as the new standard runtime for hybrid app development, we’ve been specialising in it and are ready to share and apply our knowledge.

Capacitor makes access to native smartphone functionalities in tablets or computers, for example the camera, motion sensors or Face ID, easy.


Get your own Capacitor Plugin

In addition to developing Ionic apps and integrating Capacitor, we have developed expertise in the area of plugin development.

One Inside develops various Capacitor plugins, be it for targeted access to native functionality, hardware, or third-party SDK integration.

Starting a new project?

Whether you’re developing an Ionic app for the first time and need technical advice, or you’re looking to have an entire app developed, we’re here to help.