CSS Insurance

CSS Insurance is one of Switzerland’s leading health insurers with approximately 1.7 million people having placed their trust in CSS.

The Challenge

An intelligent assistant for the clients

One step ahead of clients – that’s CSS’ vision. To do that, CSS needs to assist clients personally.  

CSS’ aim is to deliver the best possible customer experience. But how do you deliver relevant information to customers at any step of their journey in-line with business goals? That was the challenge a digital assistant had to solve.

The digital assistant needs to:

  • categorise customer intentions accurately
  • and offer personalised support to the user

While considering different ways of offering better information to customers, the idea of developing an intelligent assistant emerged at CSS.

The Solution

Beyond traditional chatbots. An intelligent conversational UI

The intelligent assistant at CSS was designed around engaging users in dialogue.

  • The interface is pleasant and perfectly integrated into the website
  • The assistant reacts to user interaction and gives a lively impression due to mood changes (and color tones) in the design
  • Contextual help is offered within the content of the web pages

From a technical perspective the most critical requirements were to deliver suitable answers to any user questions and create a unique, authentic experience.

The goal is to personalise the experience even more moving forward.

  • A central, smart component is dealing with the surrounding systems in order to enrich the conversation with personalised content by using the detected context and following the highest privacy restrictions.
  • The intelligent assistant processes more data about the user from touchpoints going beyond the conversation with the user.

Continuous training data aggregation improves the AI with real-world data and enables better interaction with end-users.

Chat wit SIA, the intelligent assistant of CSS
intelligent conversational UI

The Technology

Business-grade chatbot integration

The integration of the middleware is key for such an ambitious integration.

The middleware is a component which dispatches the UI (chat window), the artificial intelligence solution and many internal systems.

One Inside delivers the backend for the conversational user interface including

  • A modular architecture to decouple systems and to simplify maintenance
  • State-of-the-art artificial intelligence for natural language processing
  • An interface to SolrCloud Search Engine

The app not only integrates perfectly with customer data APIs to show user related insurance information, but also dynamic content managed in Adobe Experience Manager. 

Besides the actual development of the app, One Inside was also responsible for extending AEM to provide it with dynamic web content.

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