Swissgrid, the backbone of electricity supply in Switzerland

Swissgrid was founded in 2006 in response to the gradual liberalisation of the Swiss electricity market.

The Challenge

On-Time and on-Budget without sacrificing quality

Like many enterprises, budget and delivery date were already defined before the start of this project.

The scope and definition of requirements took several months to develop in order to align all parties involved.

The challenge was to:

  • deliver a high-quality website
  • respect the main requirements of the customers
  • maintain impeccable user experience

The Solution

Relaunch on Adobe Experience Manager with a semi-agile approach

One Inside’s team of experts was involved from the beginning of the project with concept reviews in order to ensure the feasibility of all technical aspects.

One Inside defined the architecture by leveraging Adobe Experience Manager.

Swissgrid and One Inside agreed to move forward with the technical realisation of the project working in multiple implementation sprints.

This approach allowed both parties to plan ahead and stay open to changes with an agile way of working.

The key to the success of this approach was the use of the One Inside Delivery Platform as the main planning and documentation tool during the whole project, enabling all parties involved to have access to the most current information and to allow maximum transparency.

Visit the website of Swissgrid

The Technology

Adobe Experience Manager

The services

Another project driven by the ODP (One Inside Delivery Platform). The setup mainly consists of Confluence, JIRA, Sketch und Bitbucket, which allowed us to bring live in buget and time. We delivered the following services to Swissgrid:

  • Overall architecture
  • Discovery and analysis
  • Requirements engineering and solution design
  • Software engineering
  • Release management
  • Quality assurance

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