The best way to connect your brand with your customers

We integrate your CMS, customer data, authentication system and much more into your mobile app.

Integrate your mobile app seamlessly in your enterprise ecosystem

Since 2012, we have worked with Mobile App development. We have helped large enterprises in Switzerland, such as CSS, Visana and Coop, to build award winning mobile applications.

We understand the complexity of enterprises and integrate your mobile application with your core business solution.


Quick and easy user login

Fingerprint, facial recognition, Touch ID, Face ID – we have the necessary expertise to integrate existing authentication systems into your mobile apps.

We know how to simplify login processes so that there are low to no entry barriers to your app.


Make use of your existing content

Apps not only thrive from cool functionalities and good user experience and guidance, but also from up-to-date content.

In order to avoid duplicating content, we support companies in integrating and displaying data from their (web) content management systems in relevant places in mobile apps.


Give your customers access to their data

As soon as it comes to integrating and displaying personal but also general information from internal or external systems in apps, APIs come into play.

May it be REST or GraphQL, authenticated or anonymous, internal or external from third-party providers, we find the right solution for a seamless integration with your mobile app.


Safety in the first place

Your company’s data, but also customer data, are among the most valuable assets. We specialise in ensuring the security and integrity of this data.

With the help of security mechanisms, such as the use of secure connections, secure databases or code obfuscation, we ensure that the level of security of all data is as high as possible. Our work in this area is audited regularly by external security specialists.


Use AEM to boost your Mobile Apps

Our expertise with Adobe Experience Cloud and mobile apps makes us the ideal partner to integrate content from your Adobe Experience Manager specifically with your mobile app.

Seamless integration of this content helps you avoid having to maintain content in different systems. Instead, you can use the familiar user interface of AEM to manage which content should be displayed in the mobile app.

Are you looking for an experienced mobile app agency in Switzerland?

Our experts are familiar with the infrastructure and processes of large companies. Contact us if you are looking for a reliable partner for your next app project.