Introducing a step-by-step approach to build chatbots for enterprise

Chatbots and other conversational marketing solutions have been around for a while now. Most of us are used to seeing little chat boxes at the bottom of a website.

But how do they work? 

How can enterprises tackle these projects and offer a conversational channel to their customers?

How do you leverage the power of AI and natural language processing (NLP) to build proper dialog and conversations within a chatbot solution? 

After discussing and interviewing customers and prospects, we came to the conclusion that the project’s steps are not always obvious. Chatbot projects are a rather new challenge compared to website projects.  

Today, we want to share our knowledge in a complete guide on building a chatbot for enterprise. The whitepaper details our methodology in five steps. It explains the challenges, risks, and shares best practices.

What you will find in the Chatbot Journey whitepaper

The whitepaper has been created by our chatbot experts and consultants. They explain the steps to guide you towards your first conversational experience: from ideation to implementation.

We have highlighted the tasks to be done as well as the effort and team members required.

To make things easier, we created a five-step plan to successfully run chatbot projects and to share insights about tasks, required skills and challenges:

chatbot project plan

Our approach was designed with the requirements and challenges of enterprises in mind. 

You should read this whitepaper if you plan to create a chatbot for your enterprise and will have a key role in your organization, such as:

Do you want to read the whitepaper?

You can check  the brand new Chatbot Journey Whitepaper out right here:

Get started with our chatbot for entreprise guide

Read our complete Guide to Enterprise Chatbots

If you have additional questions about our methodology, our experts are here to answer all your questions.

Clemens Blumer

Clemens Blumer

Senior Software Architect

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