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Enterprise chatbot, step by step

Thanks to our deep expertise in building conversational user interfaces, we can create a chatbot that is fully integrated and customized to your unique needs as well as the needs of your customers. 

From ideation to implementation, our experts will accompany you every step of the way.

Step 1

From ideas to roadmap

Get a common understanding of chatbot capabilities to drive your vision and develop first business cases for a conversational experience.

Step 2

Turning a roadmap into a plan

We create a first design of the solution as well as user stories. A clear scope for the MVP is then ready for implementation.

Step 3

Build chatbot and conversations

The first version of the chatbot is focused on basic scenarios and conversation flows.

Later, your team will consolidate feedback and improve the chatbot iteratively.

Step 4

From training to go-live

Your chatbot is ready to go live. Before opening this new channel to the public, internal testers will help with training data and fine-tuning the chatbot.

Step 5

Scale and optimize the chatbot experience

Once your clients start interacting with your chatbot, new questions, conversations, and topics will arise. You’ll find opportunities to build more features and extend the scope of your chatbot and website content.

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